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Guilaine Arts

Visual Artist


Guilaine Arts, a french self-taught artist based in the UK, is originally from the french island of Guadeloupe.  Coming from a family where music and crafts were predominant, she was imbued from an early age with artistic influences that feed her inspiration. 
She also uses her emotions and experience as a catalyst. From the outset of her artistic career, Guilaine's main concern has been to defend black women who are too often stigmatized and marginalized, suffering from the post-traumatic after-effects of slavery and systemic racism. Aware of the suffering that these women experience in terms of identity, the artist seeks, through her art, to reinvent norms that would enable them to reclaim their power. Victims of the ideological codes of a society of exclusion, these women live in contempt of themselves, generating traumas that become intergenerational legacies. By reclaiming their personal identity, these women could at last enjoy a psychological freedom that has been hindered for too long. 
The art created by the Renaissance masters has always fascinated Guilaine with its compositions and technical work. However, due to the primary representation of the white man and his depiction of patriarchy, where the ideal woman was subordinate to her male counterpart and conformed to Eurocentric norms  of beauty, she couldn't identify with it. 
Her message is not only to reconstruct this “ideal”, but also to awaken the spirit of these women, to lead them towards an awareness that will contribute to their emancipation. The black women represented in her art carry the memory of her ancestors' teachings on how to heal oneself and promote self-love.  


Guilaine's approach to her work is closely linked to her Afro-Caribbean origins. The ethereal creations she depicts on canvas are synonymous with the cultural acceptance she has struggled with.  Her characters embody something in all of us. They serve as a conduit for an inner struggle within our society, which the artist depicts through her use of abstract art. Guilaine believes that the true way to heal lies within. The elements of each work are intended not only to  educate, to empower, but also to provoke some form of reflection and conversation on the subject. The figures in her work, combined with the vivid colors, represent the dissociation of the human spirit from the surrounding world when it truly connect with emotions.
To highlight the intensity of her work, representing the expression of her deepest thoughts and feelings, Guilaine adds a luminescent glow to the skin that brings a unique balance to the composition contrasting with the background, allowing her to introduce various mixtures of textures onto the canvas.
Through her compositions, the artist succeeds in creating an image of the fluctuations of contemporary society.
Guilaine has taken part in numerous exhibitions, including “Collision of art” in London, “TEAM annual exhibition” in Coventry, “Identity Roots Culture” at Congress House in London, “NUT Convention” in Birmingham, “Outdoor exhibition” in Pennsylvania(USA), “Confinement 2.0” with JAA in France, Collision of Arts with The Smartet Project in london. She has also exhibited at the Jonaquest Art Gallery in London, the IKON Art Gallery in Birmingham, UK, The Birmingham Contemporary Art Gallery in the UK, Galerie MARON'AGES in Lyon France, Ouizart Galerie in Cannes France, The Film Festival of Cannes in france, Solidart Paris with FAAF, Solidart Montpellier with FAAF.....

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