Guilaine Arts

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Guilaine Arts is a french, female artist originally from the fench Caribbean island of Guadeloupe.. Coming from a musical family who also did a lot of craftsmanship, she was surrounded, from a young age, by artistic influences that then helped fuel her today. Through her countless visits to art galleries, art fairs, and many more, she encountered many of the artists there that helped kickstart her artistic career .. In 2009, following a loss, she found comfort in painting by numbers. This lead her into developing her painting skills to become, later, a professional artist.



Relocated in the UK,, Guilaine has developed her professional practice and been featured in magazines including Outsideleft and Coucou Magazine.. Her art has been collected worldwide. Many of which were displayed in different art galleries and art fairs.


Guilaine’s body of work explores the social,, spiritual, and cultural identity of women of african ancestry in order to inspire and empower them to embrace  their right as a human. Her work is meant to educate and motivate black women, who have a lack of voice, identity and are limited by society, hoping that they will be able to leave a legacy for future generations.


As a self taught artist, Guilaine has developed, through those past years, her own personal artistic style.. This includes using mix media, that mostly consists of acrylic and oil paint. Her present work depicts female characters embedded in abstract colours that conveys the idea of mental liberation and empowerment. Her art speaks through emotions as a way to reason. Guilaine describes her work as "the art of the soul"..

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